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Strathview Maternal Genetics has concentrated its breeding program on weaning as many kilograms of lamb per ewe as possible through selecting rams with performance recorded maternal attributes.

Recently, it has been working in conjunction with MLA to increase survival in triplet born lambs.

"I have found slightly lowering the condition score before ewes give birth and selecting higher birth weight rams has helped in higher survival rates in triplets," stud principal Tim Lubke said.

“Some Strathview triplet bearing ewes have the ability to wean over 100kg of lamb at 100 days, making them the most profitable sheep on the farm.”

"The goal of the stud is to breed ewes that wean over and above their adult weight."

Stud principal Tim Lubke

While their focus is not to have all their sheep bear triplets, there is ground to be made up in terms of lamb survival and that's what the MLA project is focused on.

"Our triplet mobs are returning on average 208 per cent weaning and twin-bearing ewes are returning 171 per cent," Tim said.

“Ewes this year scanned in lamb at 198 per cent and have an average adult weight of 71kg and lamb down at 11 ewes per hectare. The goal of the stud is to breed ewes that wean over and above their adult weight.”

Along with growth, Strathview Genetics sheep have a great conversion rate and respond well to feed.

They can quickly put on condition, which has helped them retain high survival rates even in dry times, as well as the strong maternal mothering trait that has been bred into them.

Strathview has more than 30 years of performance recording maternal breeds. Early maturing ewes allows for the breed to be joined at seven months of age, ensuring every sheep is productive on the farm.

“Farmers can take control of their genetics,” Tim said.

Strathview will be offering rams in the top 1 per cent of the maternal LambPlan breed index and will include performance recorded Coopworth genetics imported from New Zealand as well as easy care composites. These rams are used in first cross and self replacing flocks.

The on-property ram sale is on Tuesday, October 9 at “Strathview”, Henty.

See Tim at the Henty Field Days, Block V, 1041